Living near the California Monterey Bay's deep ocean canyon, there are tidal shifts where diverse wildlife appear on the shore. These elements also create visual stimulation for my art. A waterlogged old pine tree trunk washed ashore with dancing lines and form with possibilities galore.
Along the California coastline, the King tide in Capitola brought forth gifts from the sea. The smooth rock was caught in the seaweed. Who knows how many years it took this rock to be worn into its present shape. Perhaps it will be reclaimed again by the next high tide.
Looking forward to sharing sculptural and textural elements in my upcoming workshop for Cabrillo College SummerArts program. Working with wool and silk is just amazing to create playful new fabrics.

    Marilou Moschetti

     A designer with a passion for textiles. Redefining the boundary between art and fashion.


    May 2015



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